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The London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy is a community based clinic whose aim is to provide affordable osteopathic healthcare in Central London

Entrance to the London Clinic of Classical OsteopathyEntrance to London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy

Situated in the London Metropolitan University Science Centre in the Borough of Islington - a short walk from Holloway Road underground station [map], the London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy was established as a charitable institution by the Institute of Classical Osteopathy, itself a registered charity since its inception in 1956. The Institute was founded by the late John Wernham and it has always aimed to be an educator and a provider of broad scope classical osteopathic care

Treatment in progress at the London Clinic of Classical OsteopathyTreatment in progress

The objective of providing low-cost traditional osteopathic treatment for those less able to afford it, combined with a high standard of clinical practice will enable fully-qualified osteopaths to further their training with The Institute of Classical Osteopathy under the guidance of experienced tutors from the Institute


Osteopathic treatment is famed for its success with musculo-skeletal pain but it can also support the body through health problems involving respiration, circulation and immunity. Treatment can be beneficial to people of all ages from newborn babies to the elderly and the clinic welcomes a whole range of patients


The running of this clinic has its costs - the Institute of Classical Osteopathy will subsidise the clinic to reduce costs for Londoners making osteopathic treatment more accessible to those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Money is raised through Institute publications & through lecturing. Huge benefits derive from the unpaid work & time that many members put into the organization

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To book an appointment call:   07715  593799

Opening hours

9.30am - 5.00pm on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

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07715  593799


  • London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy
  • Science Centre
  • London Metropolitan University
  • 29 Hornsey Road
  • London N7 7DD


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