What first?

Reception staff at the entranceReception staff at the entrance

You will be greeted at the entrance by the University reception staff, who will direct you to the clinic

What to expect

  • To be treated with respect and dignity as an individual, with no exception for age, gender, creed or colour
  • To be handled gently at all times with due care and consideration. There may be times where procedures may be less comfortable, due to the necessity to challenge the body’s restrictions, but all effort is made to avoid pain beyond what you are already experiencing
  • Professional, skilled and safe treatment. Although this is an educational environment, all practitioners are fully trained, qualified, insured and registered with appropriate organisations
  • Overseas qualified Osteopaths are registered and insured in the UK as Osteomyologists whilst working at the Clinic. This will be explained to the patients prior to treatment
Your arrival in the clinicYour arrival in the clinic


When you first come for a consultation you will be asked in detail about your condition, your medical history and your present state of health. You will be physically examined, especially your spine. The spine and posture gives an impression of your state of health, as the spine is influenced by and influences all the organs through the spinal cord and nervous system


This consists of a series of gentle, rhythmical movements of the arms, legs, and the spine, combined with gentle stretching of muscles and adjustments of the joints and ligaments

After treatment you may be advised on posture, exercise, diet or other natural means of helping you with your condition

Treatment in progress at the London Clinic of Classical OsteopathyTreatment in progress


Treatment has a positive effect on the body systems, so it is common to experience reaction. This can also happen on an emotional level. Please let us know if this happens

What to wear

Due to the precise analysis of the spine and the extensive movements during treatment, it is necessary to be treated in your underwear, if this is embarrassing then leggings, thin shorts and tops can be worn . There is no need for embarrassment. Your health is too important for that

To book an appointment call:   07715  593799

Opening hours

9.30am - 5.00pm on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Book an appointment

07715  593799


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